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What is the diagonal of a rectangle with length 48 inches and width 40 inches?

Sagot :

i think its D=w2+l2=402+482≈ 62.482in
Use the Pythagorean Theorem: [tex]a^2 + b^2 = c^2[/tex]
You can do this because when you cut the rectangle in half with the diagonal, it forms a right triangle, making the diagonal the hypotenuse (c). 

[tex]40^2 + 48^2 = c^2[/tex]

[tex]1600 + 2304 = c^2[/tex]

[tex]3904 = c^2[/tex]

[tex] \sqrt{3904} = \sqrt{c^2} [/tex]

[tex]62.48 = c[/tex]

Diagonal: 62.48 inches
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