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How much does 3.25 meters of silk ribbon cost if 0.8 meters of the same ribbon costs [tex]\$5.60[/tex]?

Sagot :

Certainly! Let's solve this problem step-by-step.

### Step 1: Determine the cost per meter of the ribbon
First, we need to figure out how much one meter of the ribbon costs. We know that 0.8 meters of ribbon costs [tex]$5.60. To find the cost per meter, we divide the total cost by the length of ribbon corresponding to that cost: \[ \text{Cost per meter} = \frac{\text{Cost for 0.8 meters}}{\text{Length in meters}} \] \[ \text{Cost per meter} = \frac{\$[/tex]5.60}{0.8 \text{ meters}}

### Step 2: Calculate the result
From the information provided, we get that the cost per meter is approximately \[tex]$7.00 (or more precisely \$[/tex]6.999999999999999 due to rounding in specific calculations).

### Step 3: Calculate the total cost for 3.25 meters
Next, we need to calculate how much 3.25 meters of ribbon would cost using the cost per meter we just determined.

[tex]\[ \text{Total cost} = \text{Cost per meter} \times \text{Length of ribbon} \][/tex]
[tex]\[ \text{Total cost} = 6.999999999999999 \times 3.25 \text{ meters} \][/tex]

### Step 4: Result
Finally, multiplying these values, we find that:
[tex]\[ \text{Total cost} = 22.75 \text{ (or more precisely 22.749999999999996 due to rounding)} \][/tex]

Therefore, 3.25 meters of ribbon will cost approximately \$22.75.