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Solve the equation for [tex]$x$[/tex].
[tex]\[0.9 = 0.2x\][/tex]

A. [tex]$x = 1.98$[/tex]
B. [tex]$x = 49.38$[/tex]
C. [tex][tex]$x = 49.5$[/tex][/tex]
D. [tex]$x = 9.7$[/tex]

Sagot :

To solve the equation [tex]\(0.9 \times 0.9 = 0.2 \times x\)[/tex], follow these steps:

1. Start by simplifying the left side of the equation:
[tex]\[ 0.9 \times 0.9 = 0.81 \][/tex]

2. Now the equation is:
[tex]\[ 0.81 = 0.2 \times x \][/tex]

3. To solve for [tex]\(x\)[/tex], isolate [tex]\(x\)[/tex] by dividing both sides of the equation by 0.2:
[tex]\[ x = \frac{0.81}{0.2} \][/tex]

4. Perform the division:
[tex]\[ x = 4.05 \][/tex]

Therefore, the value of [tex]\(x\)[/tex] is 4.05. Since none of the provided options match this value directly, it seems there might be a miscalculation in the options given. None of the answers A, B, C, or D match the correct result of [tex]\(x = 4.05\)[/tex].