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A circular tabletop has a radius of 24 inches.

What is the area of the tabletop, to the nearest square inch? Use [tex]3.14[/tex] for [tex]\pi[/tex].

A. 75 in. [tex]^2[/tex]
B. 151 in. [tex]^2[/tex]
C. 1809 in. [tex]^2[/tex]
D. 7235 in. [tex]^2[/tex]

Sagot :

To calculate the area of a circular table top with a radius of 24 inches, we use the formula for the area of a circle, which is:

[tex]\[ \text{Area} = \pi r^2 \][/tex]

- Radius ([tex]\( r \)[/tex]) of the table top = 24 inches
- Use [tex]\( \pi \)[/tex] = 3.14

Now, substitute the values into the formula:

[tex]\[ \text{Area} = 3.14 \times (24)^2 \][/tex]

First, calculate [tex]\( (24)^2 \)[/tex]:

[tex]\[ 24^2 = 576 \][/tex]

Now, multiply 576 by 3.14:

[tex]\[ \text{Area} = 3.14 \times 576 = 1808.64 \][/tex]

To the nearest square inch, the area of the table top is:

[tex]\[ \text{Area} \approx 1809 \text{ square inches} \][/tex]

Therefore, the correct answer is:

[tex]\[ 1809 \text{ in. }^2 \][/tex]