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Complete the following sentence about the antebellum period:

Tobacco was the main source of income for the Southern states. The South sold it to the __________ and to __________.

A. North
B. Europe

Sagot :

Final answer:

Tobacco's significance in the antebellum Southern economy, reliance on enslaved labor, and its role in contributing to the economic disparities and eventual Civil War.


Tobacco was a significant cash crop during the antebellum period in the Southern states, primarily sold to the North and Europe. The Southern economy heavily relied on crops like tobacco, cotton, and sugar which were labor-intensive and often cultivated by enslaved individuals.

The abundance of tobacco and other crops fueled the economy in the South, leading to economic disparities between the North and South, eventually contributing to the division that led to the Civil War.

Slavery played a pivotal role in the Southern economy, providing cheap labor for plantation owners producing valuable crops like tobacco, cotton, and sugar.

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