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1. Describe how the city's inhabitants have adapted to life underwater, including their daily routines, traditions, and customs.

2. Choose one of the following genres and explore how setting is important to that genre: thriller or suspense, fairytale, horror, or western.

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Final answer:

The setting in storytelling is essential for creating mood, influencing characters, and enhancing the narrative. Props, costumes, and stage design also contribute to setting's impact on the story's development. Analyzing how setting is created and its significance in the plot and theme can offer valuable insights into the narrative.


Setting plays a crucial role in storytelling by creating the environment in which the actions take place, influencing mood, atmosphere, and character choices. Elements such as time period, location, weather, and social conditions all contribute to setting's impact on the story.

Props, costumes, and staging further enhance setting by defining characters, their status, and actions within the story. The setting can range from irrelevant to symbolic, each type affecting the narrative in distinct ways.

Understanding how setting is created through geography, weather, and social conditions, and analyzing its role in the story's plot and theme, can provide deeper insight into the narrative's development and meaning.

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