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Mexico experienced a series of liberal reforms in the 1860s instituted by

Santa Anna.
Benito Juarez.
Porfirio Diaz.
Lázaro Cárdenas.

Sagot :

Let's look at the times when each of the listed reigned and see which one did so in 1860s:

General Santa Anna was the president of Mexico several times (with interruptions) but last time in 1855 - so that couldn't be him

Benito Juarez - he was the president 1857-1872. - the whole of 1860. This is the correct answer, and Benito Juares is in fact known for his reforms, and remembered with fondless in Mexico. His reign is known as la Reforma - the reform

Porfirio Diaz governed 1976-1915, so definitely not in 1860s, and Lazaro Cardenas governed even later.


The answer is Benito Juarez


The Liberal Reform in Mexico took place between the Liberal and Conservative political parties from 1855 to 1861. It ensued a civil war known as the Reform War (La guerra de la Reforma).  It marked the transition of the political structure of Mexico, to end the Colony and Empire system and introduce the Capitalist Democratic system. It was initiated by liberal politicians and formed a National State based on a constitution. At that time the nation was polarized, and both Liberals and Conservatives had parallel governments, the Liberals having seat of government in Veracruz, and the Conservatives in Mexico City (Ciudad de México). Benito Juárez became president for the Liberal party in 1858.  The war ended with the defeat of the Conservative party in the Battle of Calpulalpan in 1861, and with Liberal President Benito Juárez taking seat of office in Mexico City (Ciudad de México). The Laws of the Reform, enacted by Juaréz marked the separation of Church and State.

Antonio López de Santa Anna was president between 1853 and 1855; José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz was president much later, between 1884 and 1911 in several terms; and Lázaro Cardenas was president from 1934 to 1940, so these 3 options are incorrect.