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Hitler was confident about invading Russia because he had recently captured Spain. France. Great Britain. Switzerland.

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The correct answer is France. Great Britain was never captured while Switzerland and Spain were neutral and didn't participate in the war. He believed that he could attack Russia and take it because he didn't have to wory about things in the western front, but the United States entered the war and ruined his plans. They created room for Russians and the Russians destroyed Hitler's forces.

Hitler was confident about invading Russia because he had recently captured France.

Further Explanations:

Hitler annexed Austria which was part of France without any fleshly battle. The  annexation gave him the sureness to invade Russia. Austria's occupationof Nazi Germany was finished on 12th March 1938, alsolabeled as “Anschluss”. Before the occupation, he received a robust sustenance for occupation from the occupants of both the nation for coalition. His intention to invade Russia was ruined by the entrance of the U.S in the Second World War. The German armies were checked by the American forces and it became difficult for fulfillment of Hitler’s desire.


Adolf Hitler was a statesman of the “Nazi party” whogained his authority as the front-runner of Germany. His despotism over Germany continued amid 1933 and 1945 and was also the one behind the initiation of WWII by assaulting Poland on 1st September 1939.His beliefs always laid stress on military operation,conveying his alignment towards force and detested coaxing. His doctrine was always considered the most evil one and is also known to be the most brutal dictator to have been existed, who took away millions of lives just for the sake of absolutism.  


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