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A solution has a pOH of 8.7 so what is the pH of the solution? Is the solution acidic, basic, or neutral?

Sagot :

pH + pOH = 14

pH = 14 - pOH

pH = 14 - 8.7

pH = 5,3

This solution is acidic.

If pH<7 - acidic
If pH=7 - neutral
If pH>7 - basic

pOH scale is used to determine the basicity of a solution

pH scale is used to determine the acidity of a solution

pH and pOH are related in the following formula

pH + pOH = 14

once pOH is known we can calculate pH

pOH = 8.7

pH = 14 - 8.7

pH = 5.3

pH of the solution is 5.3

when pH is less than 7 the solution is said to be acidic

when pH is equal to 7 then solution is neutral

when pH is more than 7 then solution is basic

the pH of the solution here is 5.3 which is less than 7, therefore solution is acidic

acidic solution with pH of 5.3