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what is:
A student is raising money for cancer research. A local business agrees to donate an additional 25% of what the student raises, while a local politician also agrees to donate an additional 5% of what the student raises. If the student raises $450.00, what is the total donation? 
(Hint: The total donation is the amount the student raises plus the additional donations.)

Sagot :

Well, the additional donations add up to 30%. The student raises 100%, so the final total is 130%, that is, 1.3*450=$5850.00.
First, you find what 25% of $450.To do that, make 25% into a decimal, which is 0.25.Then you multiply 450 times 0.25 which is 112.5

Second, you find what 5% of 450. 5% as a decimal is 0.05. Then you multiply 450 times 0.05 which is 22.5

Third, you add 450+112.5+22.5 which is 585.

There you go. :) Hope that helped!